Our approach is premised on the idea that the body has an innate intelligence that can be supported and enhanced. Without overriding the body’s natural functioning or tinkering with parts in isolation, we work to support the health of the body’s systems as a holistic system,helping to increase its natural potency and resilience.

All of our products are designed to help stimulate the body natural defenses and restore optimum balance. Our goal is to support the integrity of the natural immune system in becoming immediately more robust and high-functioning over time, producing lasting benefit even after use.

Our guiding design principle is nature knows best. Our focus is on understanding how to utilize nature’s gifts in synergy between the body’s systems to experience effects far beyond what modern pharmaceuticals and treatments could achieve in isolation. This requires a much more profound understanding of how human physiology works and depends on nature.

Mycotherapy of Cancer: An Update on Cytotoxic and Antitumor Activities of Mushrooms, Bioactive Principles and Molecular Mechanisms of their Action

Mycotherapy is defined as the study of the use of extracts and compounds obtained from mushrooms as medicines or health-promoting agents. The present review updates the recent findings on anticancer/antitumor agents derived from mushroom extracts and their metabolites.

The increasing number of studies in the past few years revealed mushroom extracts as potent antitumor agents. Also, numerous studies were conducted on bioactive compounds isolated from mushrooms reporting the heteropolysaccharides, β-glucans, α-glucans, proteins, complexes of polysaccharides with proteins, fatty acids, nucleoside antagonists, terpenoids, sesquiterpenes, lanostanoids, sterols and phenolic acids as promising antitumor agents. Also, molecular mechanisms of cytotoxicity against different cancer cell lines are discussed in this review. Findings with Antrodia camphorata and Ganoderma lucidium extracts and isolated compounds are presented, as being the most deeply studied previously.

-JOURNAL: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry



Our ingredients are chosen based on the empirical basis for their role in total body health and their complete safety. We take into account several kinds of research to ensure we’re using the best information available


We carefully source our ingredients to assure purity and authenticity. Where feasible, we use patented ingredients that are considered best in class and for which benefits have been demonstrated.


In addition to batch testing raw materials coming in, we pull bottles of market-ready product and verify the formulation inside the capsules.


Our ingredients are all-natural, ensuring the body knows just how to use them. Being 100% organic, the highest possible potency and bioavailability is guaranteed. Herbal extracts are standardized for the purity of active ingredients.


Our ingredients are tested against carefully selected specifications and meet the quality standards of nationally recognized standards.


No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners


All ingredients have been used medicinally for hundreds of years and rigorously studied by world-class scientists. We draw on ancient wisdom to ensure they are all the proper form and potency. Ingredients and finished products are analyzed by chemists and analytical techniques to confirm identity, purity, and contaminants.


The safety of the nutrients makes all the difference, which is a category we’ll never compromise on. All ingredients are water-soluble and non-toxic.


In addition to thousands of hours of clinical trials, all ingredients are formulated in the U.S. ensuring the highest standard of lab manufacturing & under direct supervision of trained professionals. Doctors, researchers, and scientists are the backbone of our development process ensuring the most sophisticated formulation for the best results.


Don't allow your joy to be consumed by cancer, chronic disease, or inflammation. Our Guide To Mycotherapy offers a proven strategy to empower your immune system and restore your body to its purest and healthiest state, to make life a more enjoyable journey.

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